Yoast SEO and S2M have a gift for you


For any entrepreneur and freelancer having an excellent online presence can be essential to get new clients and projects. You can show your skills and inspire trust, all one click away. But the main thing you want is to be found. Being found on the internet nowadays it’s a challenge. There are billions of pages with content, and it’s quite hard to float above them all. That’s why in the last years having good SEO skills can be a great extra.

If you never heard of SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. It consists of a few “tricks” you can use to become more relevant for search engines like Google and get a higher rank on research. Those tricks are usually on the backend of the page, and for us, mere mortals that cannot program that well, there are a few tools to help us.

In WordPress, which is the platform where a substantial percentage of the websites are in, you can install plugins to help you with SEO. The one we use for our page, like the one you are reading right now, is Yoast. They have several functions that can help you out a lot, and also provide useful content to guide you through SEO. And they are joining us on giving a gift to the S2M Ecosystem! You can use the S2M code below for 15% discount on their plugins, ebooks, and courses. It is valid until June 10th, so run!