Seats2meet Global Meetup Day 1: Where are we running?


Monday was the first day of the Seats2meet global meetup. More than 50 people from all corners of the world got gathered to experience the Seats2meet concept on ground 0, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Even though most people got here one day before the first event you couldn’t tell that everyone came from all different time zones. You could feel the curiosity and vibration.

After a nice Sunday night with drinks and food in a bar in the center of Utrecht Monday started like it should: with coffee. One hour of just talking and getting to know everyone present. All different kinds of backgrounds, experiences and goals getting together to be just one thing: curious.

Ronald van den Hoff, cofounder of and writer of the book Society 3.0, was the first keynote speaker. From Society 1.0 (industrialized institutions), to Society 2.0 (internet came and we started interacting with institutions) to finally Society 3.0 (experience, knowledge, social capital and access are more significant – no institutions) we change. Of course I am speaking in a very very very simple way, but if you want to know more about it read the book for free.

Following him we learned new features from Lenneke van Rossum and Vincent Ariens. I can’t say a lot now but I do think it has potential to deconstruct borders. But I will talk about it later.

With the energy of the “new” flowing we split up in groups. Some went to Eindhoven and Den Boss, others to Amersfoort, some stayed in Utrecht and the rest (including me) went to Amsterdam.

Our first stop was Amsterdam Connected for one of the first Seats2meet Safari. In the majestic location that aims to be an ecosystem for the creative and big minds of society 3.0 members, we got ourselves a tour from the host and cofounder itself, Felix Lepoutre and had the chance to talk and exchange ideas with the main person behind it, Marco Verwoert. With Brazilians’, Americans’ and Serbians’ eyes the picture enlarges, adapt and develop.

That is the magic of a global meetup. You have new eyes and as Miroslav Mijatov, a coworking space owner from Serbia, cleverly said, we have fresh ears as well. Another interesting insight from Guilherme Tiezzi, the entrepreneur responsible for bringing seats2meet to Brazil. He said we, in seats2meet, we are all sort of refugees. We are running from the modus operandi of a society that is in collapse. We may be still running, but we definitely found a way to the promise land, not a geography one, but more a state of mind.