Working @



It’s hard sometimes, you know. Each day at 17.00 o’clock, they are forced to sweep me out with the rest of the rubbish. I can’t blame them. I’m part of the furniture nowadays. This morning at the reception they even said they could hear me coming in by the way I walk…

There’s a parasite @

As long as I know, I am working there everyday when I’m in the Netherlands. Since the very first day, I understood perfectly it’s concept of sharing knowledge and used it like a real parasite. I use the network, the knowledge of the community, the internet and eat from the delicious lunch as if I’m starving at home. All for free.

Progress through the network

Truth to be told, I wouldn’t have been as far as I am now with my company 7Senses if I would have worked from home, or from any other place. I wouldn’t have met brilliant people like Hans Lak, Evert Jan van Hasselt and Manfred Markhorst who now take in a considerable place within 7Senses and have contributed a great deal to where 7Senses stands now!

I also proudly receive my clients at They are always impressed about the looks, the feel, the atmosphere of Seats2Meet. Sometimes I get the impression they think it is MY office. The 7Senses office!

More connection, more Society 3.0 is always looking out for new ways to connect people. I love that concept, as you may understand. It has increased my network tremendously. Every day I meet new people who are very enthusiastic about the concept of 7Senses and spread the word. I’ll be the first to make use of every new Seats2Meet concept. Like a real parasite.









Ps. soon the 7Senses Action Research Academy will start, giving you opportunities for boosting professional development while doing great things for this world. Interested? Check it out!