Working at (not on) a massage table


Due to the rain I abandoned my Dutch ways today and decided to take the bus (there are boundaries to my Dutch-ness that I do not wish to cross). But I had a meeting to get to! At 14:00 I stood on Marise’s doorstep reading the doorsign and wondering what a ‘natuurgeneeskundige’ actually meant (I later found out it’s a very broad category of alternative and supplementary treatments, you learn something new every day!). However, for two days a week her massage table gets transformed into a desk where people can come and work for a day.

Today Lennard, entrepreneur and Dementia-App employee, had booked a workspace at Marise. Since his house doesn’t have wifi (I didn’t know this was a real thing anymore!) he has been a part of the S2M community for the past 6 years. Always up for a new experience, whether it’s travelling in Africa or taking up photography, he decided to book a workspace at an S2M for Locals location. Luckily there was wifi, and he quickly got his hands on a good cup of coffee. Though both were very busy there was still some time for a chat, which then turned into an hour long enthusiastic conversation about anything from Mongolia to plants, massages to Society 3.0.
This just comes to show that even a massage table can function as a workspace! And maybe if you’re lucky enough you can de-stress during your workday by using that massage table for its actual purpose! You want to go and check it out for yourself? Book a workspace at Marise’s and let me know how your experiences were 🙂 For her more ‘zen’ offers including natural food advice, reflexology and Ayurvedic massage, check out