The sun starts shining again in The Netherlands.
I am waking up with the sounds of birds and everywhere I go I see more and more flowers popping up from the ground; time for spring.

More and more people work location-independent. How to live this lifestyle and what it’s all about I wrote some months ago, and can you read here.





I am super happy to announce you something great to help you live this location-independent lifestyle. We have created some workation suggestions for you that you can just start with, well TODAY!

A workation is a vacation full of inspiration where you work on your own goals, get to meet new people, follow workshops and go on adventures.

Workations aren’t something new. Great organizers are Coworkation and Remoteyear. They organize amazing trips all around the world with a bunch of awesome people and activities. It has all the great aspects of a vacation and you’re able to work (probably even more focused and effective than you do in your office because of going out your daily routine).
The great things about going on a vacation are often the new things you discover, adventures, trying different things and meeting people (of course also the weather but surrounding yourself in a new environment is often giving you a bigger holiday feeling then just sun).

But unfortunate we don’t all have the time (and money) to go abroad. A couple of years ago I start thinking. Every time I came back from a journey I felt kind of down coming back. I start searching for the reason. It wasn’t the sun that was missing, it was the old standard routine that gave me the feeling that I was back. But hey, if I changed my routine maybe I could feel the holiday vibe again. We have so many different cultures, places and beautiful nature in our tiny, little country why not using it?

Seats2meet for Locals & Silence are offering you already great work and meeting spaces in the extraordinary living room of your neighbour or the quiet and beautiful garden of a fort. Take for example “Wongema” a house at the end of the world. A place to work, eat and sleep in Groningen close to the sea! Getting different people into this house is one of the goals of Eric Wongema. A beautiful and quiet environment. But also a little bit closer to the big cities there are options for you to go to; Het Stadshuisje, Waterfront Marina & A house with a view!

Which places do we offer you?
From calm and in nature to right in the center.
We like to highlight some of the coolest locations for you:

Potje vergaderen

What’s it?
A place of a young woman that makes her own make-up; lekker in een potje. She is making amazing and just great smelling make-up and creams and the best thing; she is sharing her place with you!

Cool stuff:
Free parking and close to A2, you work surrounded by our beauty products which you can all try!

Bij de Steef

What’s it?
In this brick stone surrounding with very high walls you and glass roof, you feel as if you are outdoors on the patio of an old castle. We change our expo monthly. Would you like to expose your art? let us know! Every first Friday of the month you can expect a semi-acoustic life performance. We offer all kinds of music!

Cool stuff:
Our young and dynamic catering team makes the nicest breakfasts and lunches for a good price. Food is all biological, there are choices for veggies and special diets. Check it out!

De Voorkamer

What’s it?
De Voorkamer is a meeting space for refugee center residents and local inhabitants of Utrecht. A place to meet, a place to play, a place to learn, a place to create, and simply a place to feel at home.

Cool stuff:
Do you feel like having a sandwich or you rather go crazy and make some delicious falafel? Feel free and use our kitchen. De Voorkamer presents its work all over the place. Do you feel bored and need a distraction? Have a look around and be amazed by the work and stories of our participants. What about a game of sjoel or backgammon as a break?

Check out these locations and create your own very cool personalized workation!

How does it work?
Choose a location, maybe more than 1, book your seat and go there! I guarantee that you will feel great after working in one of these awesome locations. Maybe you can even organize a tour for yourself? Like this one:

Day 1: Start in Utrecht.
Do a great morning session in Het Stadshuisje.
During lunch time you can walk to the Kanaalstraat. Here you can buy delicious food and you can prepare it in the kitchen of De Voorkamer. Here you will work the rest of the day.
At the end of the day, you walk to the station (just 10 minutes) and take the train to Vinkeveen. Here you find the address where you should go to.

You check out the sunset at this magical place and finish some stuff of this first amazing day in one of the boathouses where you will sleep as well.

Day 2: Halfway Amsterdam
You wake up and hear the birds. You will have a small walk next to the Vinkeveense plassen. In the morning you will work in this place with a cool view over the Marina. After lunch, you take the bus (just a 1-minute walk) and you go to the center of Amsterdam. The rest of the day you will work and meet Erik in his place; A house with a view. Again a view over the water. Erik can help you out with all kinds of stuff and will give you an inspirational afternoon. Later that day you are going to do something fun! You go to FUNBASE! Till 18:00 you can work and play here. But after 6 the friday party starts so you will have a great night there! Funbase is a soft play center for adults on the weekends—now open for co-working on weekdays. From zen room to nerf gun game and even a ball pit area!! You don’t believe me? Check out pictures here.

So. I just sketched a workation for you that is just available for you already! What are you waiting for? Pack your back, bring a good mood and go! It’s just an example because there are 100 of more options for you. Like this cool caravan or this caravan. 

In all these places great activities can be organized. What kind of activities am I thinking of?
Meeting new people
Creative sessions
Even overnight activities (some places have super cool places where you can sleep!)
Local food & drinks
Body & mind
Visiting local nature

All Local locations are filled with local entrepreneurs and their skills and knowledge!
Are you as an entrepreneur or hosts interested in giving a workshop or talk or organizing something at one of the Locals locations (maybe your own location), let us know!

Keep updated and check out more pictures in our facebook group!