Womentum – the crowdfunding platform with a good cause


Empowering women in developing countries

As I already said here before, feminism is a cause close to my heart. Today I was browsing through product hunt to see what’s new, and Womentum is worth sharing. This crowdfunding platform is all for female entrepreneurs in developing countries. Because the values they ask are not high, you support them on starting their own business.

Right now the initiative operates in Uganda, India, Equador, and Colombia, and they plan on expanding. The businesses are micro businesses as artisans, cosmetologists, jewelry makers and coaches, which makes it easier to reach their goal on the platform. The targets are between 200 and 500 dollars. A piece of cake!

Pay-it-forward system

The pay-it-forward system guarantees that they receive the money as a donation. Besides, when they can raise the money, they pay-it-forward to another entrepreneur in the platform. Finally, that creates a circle on the donations, so more women in developing countries can become entrepreneurs.

How to donate at Womentum?

You can see all the entrepreneurs here, read their stories and choose which one you want to help. Because the goals are small, you can donate as little as 5 dollars.