Why it is increasingly important to be an opportunity space ✨


Opportunity space

Good news for all Powered by Seats2meet locations: you are already an opportunity space: a space with a certain core business where you also use co-working as a means to grow. You create an extra possibility, an opportunity. And that will only grow in importance in the future.

Experience economy

You may have heard about the experience economy. The idea in that as an organization you offer experiences to customers. When you create an experience around your product or service you can set its price higher. Starbucks is a good example, it’s not just about the coffee, it’s about the whole experience.

Joseph Pine, one of the authors of the book The Experience Economy, believes it goes even further than that. Offer a transformation. This is another layer on top of the experience economy. This may sound out there, but what it means is that you help your user along a bit further every time. You do this by being an opportunity space where they meet new people that help them along their journey.

Opportunity space thanks to S2M

A Powered by Seats2meet location is not just about providing a good level of comfort and service. It is about the fact that a person after a visit to your location transform into a better person of him or herself. For him or herself. This transformation can be different each time. We see that the transformation is facilitated by serendipity. When someone who paid your location a visit, had a useful meeting or was able to answer a question. This then helps them develop. They grow. And that is why you are an opportunity space.

Social Capital

Seats2meet uses social capital. When people book a desk to work at, they don’t pay with money. They are asked to check-in using the S2M Passport. We ask them what their focus of the day is after which they are matched to people, S2M locations, events, and content. All based on their focus of the day and profile.

Co-working as an enabler

We at Seats2meet use co-working as a means to keep your location relevant and dynamic. To help support and grow your core business. This way co-working isn’t just a business model on its own, it turns your location into an opportunity space.

More than ever we need spaces and places where people can play, experiment and create the future. The future of work is about creating, the rest will be automated. This ‘creating’ work is what we facilitate together by offering beautiful places where people meet, work collaborate and grow.