What is the PermanentBeta Day?

Describe the PermanentBeta day is a hard task, once as its name already tells, it is in constant change. One day will never be like the other, and that is what is so special about it. Every time it gets better and better and better. Yesterday was no exception from that.

More than 600 people gathered to see 52 speakers share their experiences and initiatives. Going from bio hacking to how commercials use words that actually don’t exist to trick our minds. There is something interesting to everyone. You can shape your day on your on way.

Me as a non-dutch-speaker-yet didn’t go to lots of speakings, although I did heard about them later. I chose on focus to meet the people there and enjoy all the experiences. I met tons of super interesting people, did a very needed hour of yoga, played with HTC vive and with Google’s new VR game tilt brush – which is a promise for the next content creators.

Meeting people was easier with the Serendipity Machine, that allowed me to check in the event and see who are the most relevant people for me to meet there. In that way I met a radio show host and a girl who is changing education as we know it since she was 16.

The magical thing about the PermanentBeta day is that everyone has its own amazing experience to tell. What is yours?

In case you totally missed this PermanentBeta day, the next one will be in November and you can’t miss the PermanentBeta festival in September!