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We offer meeting rooms. And coffee. And wifi. Welcome.

Shivers run down my spine when a new trainee welcomes one of our guests at any Seats2meet.com location i’ve been operating in the past couple of years. We need to have a word…

And then the fun starts. We start talking about how the world is changing from society 1.0 where big corporations dictated consumers what to buy, and got them to buy alot of it, through the current in-betweener 2.0 where business are down-sizing, cocreating with prosumers and old traditions and systems are starting to fail up to the mesh of co creating prosumers who create their own systems and a wide array of temporary entities to be able to do business together in about 5 to 10 years. Actually, this world already exists, but for now it’s just a select group of around 500.000 dutch people who’ve seen this light. After we watch a ton of cool videos and read blogs from people who are already embracing this way of life, i pretend i’m new to this place and ask the trainee to introduce our concept again.

So what do we offer? A place for people to meet. The fuel of this mesh of co-creative prosumers is the connection between them, and with the shorter lifespan and high amount of social business entities most people are tied to at once, we’ll need to meet new people and gain new knowledge at a increasingly higher rate. It’s up to the people how they want to meet, be it in a coworking lounge where you pay by meeting others and sharing knowledge, a meeting room, during an event, at their deskspace, in their office-for-a-day or in any other way we and they can come up with.

Luckily, our locations attract a lot of people who know far more about this new way of meeting and working than we do, because there are so many questions out there. Some great examples:

“How do i build trust with a group of people i’ve just met? We are setting up a 3-month project, but normally it takes at least a year to REALLY get to know each other and do business together.”

“So we’re a group of 10 entrepreneurs and want to work in an office just 1 day every two weeks. It’s impossible for everyone to attend, what smart online collaboration tools should we use?”

“We’re a magazine, but our readers want to meet and discuss with our authors. An event would be great, but we want to invite our readers online, livestream the event, and also train these authors to be great speakers. Do you know someone who can help us out?”

This is where the experts come in. If we’re lucky, we just check our local serendipity machine, and reach out to a local expert who’s in the house. Otherwise, we ask for a referral from anyone else, or browse our own networks in search of the right person. And starting today, we can also scan through this magazine to see if any of those experts has already written about this question, and could perhaps help us out. So, are you one of those experts? Reach out to your local seats2meet.com operator on how to share your knowledge on here.

Welcome to the S2M magazine!