Want to Change the World?


Verbeter de Wereld (Dutch for ‘Improve the world’) is thé traineeship for ambitious young professionals wanting to use their talents for a better world!

Tell me more! Verbeter de Wereld are a group of professional trainers and coaches who offer their expertise through the Traineeship for World Improvers. This program is specifically designed for idealistic Young Professionals who just want more.

The Traineeship takes four months which include two training weekends, and special a closing day and personal coaching throughout the entire Traineeship.

What will I be doing?

  1. Execute a project: within 4 months you will execute an extraordinary world improving project, together with other trainees. The project groups are formed during the first weekend. You decide what cause you will be working on and how you want to shape your project.

  2. Personal growth: you will learn about mission-based project management and communication skills. On top of this frequent feedback will be provided to you learn about yourself as team player, leader and enabler.

  3. Practical idealism: your daily choices have a direct impact on the entire planet. Which choices do you make, and why? We inspire you to take the next step.

Unique: Apart from just focusing on implementing projects that improve the world, this program is about giving meaning to the things we do, personal growth and developing of competencies. Alumni state this is what makes the program unique: next to making a difference there is room for the big questions facing us in life. Through this Traineeship you will become a catalyst for a better world!

Which theme makes your heart beat faster?
Sustainability: future energy supplies, waste management, cradle to cradle
Poverty reduction: education, microcredit, solidarity
Peace and Safety: unity, understanding, democracy 
Human equality: acknowledging each other, diversity, love, living together in peace
Something else? In this traineeship you can start making a difference!

When can I start:

  • First weekend: Saturday  17th of February – 18th of February 2018

  • Second weekend: Saturday 21st of April – Sunday 22th of April  2018

  • Closing day: Saturday 23th June 2018

Apply via: www.verbeterdewereld.org

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Questions & answers: Rene Sellmeijer: 06-41489289 / rene@verbeterdewereld.org

Unfortunately we currently offer this traineeship only in Dutch