Visits to Seats2meet as an innovative place


Almost every month Seats2meet locations in the Netherlands receive groups of innovators who want to learn how we created our businesses. People from Japan to France love to see our formula and learn about serendipity, social capital and how we use this as a means to an end.

The future of work

A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from a group of people form Digital University from France. They made a tour through Holland with the purpose to create a better understanding about changes in working practices. They visited future-ready organizations and met with people whose thoughts on the future of work could be relevant. Seats2meet was one of the places they visited during their tour.

Serendipity & Social capital

Ronald Van Den Hoff talked about future of work, serendipity, algorithms and genius cities. Nicolas Latour (from Digital University) mentioned on LinkedIn: “We were also introduced to the S2M online reservation system which includes a tool to see who is in the same place at the same time with what type of knowledge. So clever! And we had also the privilege to get a personalized and guided visit of the spaces before enjoying a cool get-together.”

Two of the main ingredients of talks with our visitors are Serendipity and Social Capital. We see these two as a great treasure of our business. It is always interesting to see that things which are so normal in our day-to-day business are new for our visitors. That’s why we love to tell them all about it.

Unexpected stories

At Seats2meet you always have the opportunity to meet new people. And most of the time these encounters have something unexpected. You can find yourself meeting a new business partner, get the tip you just needed to move on in a certain direction or you find yourself a new friend. Everything is possible once you start to open yourself up to the idea of meeting one new person every day. We call it serendipity and we love it. To open ourselves up to unexpected encounters we make time every day to walk around in our meeting space and meet new people.

Share your talents

One of the greatest assets you have is your talent. Something you might not even see as your super power, but it is. And with knowledge you can help others. Not to the extend where you give your knowledge away for free. But in some cases, it is useful to share your talent, because you might never know where it leads you (hence: serendipity). We have a lot of examples of people sharing their talents and helping others on their way. There are stories of companies who booked a meeting room in one of our locations and asked the co-workers to help them and reflect on their stories.

A basic principle

As we mentioned, this is a powerful tool in our business and it has brought us so many new perspectives, business options and gave us the power to grow without marketing costs. Our co-workers shared their stories and invited people over to experience Seats2meet.