The Trick or Treats of Entrepreneurship

Photo by Beth Teutschmann on Unsplash

It’s Halloween! And in the Netherlands is not really celebrated, but screw it! It’s a fun holiday. A day when you can get reality go for a little bit and fantasize. It is fun when it’s not scary. Very much like entrepreneurship.

Trick #1

Having to put yourself out there. One of the hardest things about owning your own business is that it becomes your baby. That separation between your job and who you are is gone and what is your company came all out of your mind. And that can make you vulnerable…

Treat #1

… and it can also be your biggest strength. Working on a project that is yours and is all of you keeps you moving and fighting. When you find that thing that is your core you won’t give up in the first obstacle, neither in the second one. Having your own thing gives you a superpower! It can make you grow.

Trick #2

You never how much you are going to make next month. You can be rich or broke. And especially in the first year is hard to predict which one will be. When you are still forming your client base and to sell yourself it can really be a surprise. After the first years, we learn which months are quieter, which ones are intense. But even then it’s only a prediction, not the real thing. The actual trick (😂) is to save and administrate your money wisely so in the months you are short, you can still get by!

Treat #2

The good news is that your income is now what is called a ‘rational salary’. That means that the more you work, the more you make. Which is not the case for employees, from which can be generating a lot of money for their company, but see only a very small part of it every month. You are now out of the rat race!

Trick #3

Administration. If you are an ex-employee you are used to money magically appearing in your account, the only contract you have to sign is the one at the beginning of your work and you are off to go! Being an entrepreneur means taking ALL the bureaucracy responsibilities. That means opening a company, administrating the cash flow with a lot of crazy charts, and taking care of a lot of paper and taxes involved. Not everything is about the work you love doing.

Treat #3

On the other side of the same coin, you are doing what you choose to do! The time spent with bureaucracy may be annoying, but it’s a small part of it. As most employees have to fit their job description, entrepreneurs can create their own. And honestly, that is a great era for it. More and more people are becoming entrepreneurs and freelancers, and some of them are making money for the most unexpected stuff. Like those guys make money by making slow-mo videos.

Everyday is Halloween!

I think that for entrepreneurs every day is Halloween. Every day we are fantasizing and working towards the world that exists only in our minds. And all that imagination combined with action is what really changes the world. So cheers to all the crazy ones out there, this magical and scary holiday definitely belongs to you. 🎃✨