Trend alert: Corporates and the coworking movement


And there they are, the corporates. And you know that if corporate organizations are willing to connect to something, that something is bigger then we might knew. In this case we see the trend that traditional corporate offices like insurance companies, energy companies, banks, retail chains, etc. connect themselves to the coworking movement.

I think this trend is good from the higher perspective, to create with each other that new society I was talking about in my other blogpost (Coworking the movement). But for coworking centers with membership it might be a threat. Actually no. Let’s see it as a challenge instead of a threat. I believe they’re still very important for this movement, but they have to find another business model to stay relevant, and to connect to those corporate organisations to collaborate.

So corporate organizations acknowledge the fact of the coworking movement and are finding their way to connect to it. And they have to, if they want to stay in the game. With the crisis still going on, organizations have to get rid of people to spare costs. With getting rid of people they also get rid of knowledge. Their organizations become smaller and the chance of innovative ideas becomes equally smaller with less of the knowledge. At the same time the world around them is changing rapidly. If they’re not connecting to that new world and that knowledge and expertise they will be soon out of game.

The only thing they have to do is to open their doors share the abundance of space and invite coworkers to sit, work, meet, connect in their offices and being part of it.