How to travel the world sending postcards to unknown people


    A lot of us have the dream of traveling the world, but how to save money for that? Michael Ruppert, a 29-year-old Dutch, stumbled on the most creative solution; sending postcards and souvenirs to unknown people. Still confused? Here is an interview we did with him a while back.

    Starring You Albania

    What first led you to travel?

    After finishing high school I didn’t know what to do. My dream was to travel around the world, but I had no idea how to arrange that financially. So first I joined the army, then I became a triathlete and finally, I went to university. All that time I didn’t have the feeling that I was chasing my dream. When I was 24, I finally made the best decision I could make, although I didn’t have much money, I quit everything and started to travel.

    Are you traveling now? Where?

     I don’t have a home anywhere in the world, so my trip never stops. Right now I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Some schools and universities here asked me to share my story with their students. It’s great to motivate them to follow their dreams as well. The keyword is focus! I’ve wasted 6 years after finishing high school, I hope those students won’t make the same mistake and go for their dreams immediately.

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    How do you finance your travels?

    When I started to travel I wanted to keep my family and friends up to date about my adventures, that’s why I started to send them postcards and small souvenirs. After a while also strangers started to ask me to send them something from the places I visited. At that moment I started the Facebook page called ”Starring You”. Everybody who is interested can send me his or her home address and I will send something nice from one of the countries that I’ll visit, for free. Some people like the project so much, that they make a donation from time to time. That’s how I can finance my travels and make other people happy at the same time.

    What is your favorite part of traveling?

    My Facebook page ”Starring You” has more than 17.000 followers from all around the world. 90% of the time I stay at the homes of my followers! That’s a great and unique experience because in every country I have the chance to experience the local lifestyle. I try to avoid hotels and hostels and so far that works really well.

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    Michael shows us how it’s possible to be daring on today’s world when you have all the tools for sharing. Have any crazy ideas on how to follow your dreams? Share it with us in the S2M ecosystem and find people who can help you.

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