Top 5 – How to activate people to use the S2M software


You have boarded your location through the S2M website and you are anxious to experience the power of the S2M network. The challenge now is to get people to use the S2M software. To make them check in every day. With the input of experienced S2M Hosts, we have put together a Top 5 for you on how to activate people to start using the S2M software.

  1. Take people into your vision Talk to your users and take them into your vision. Act from the inside out. Why are you doing what you are doing each and every day? Why does the S2M concept fit into your own personal and professional strategy? Why did you decide to become part of this ecosystem? Why do you think it is important to be part of this network of inspiring and innovative thinkers, redefining the way we work? Why do you think it will be beneficial for your users/members/clients to follow you in this? Let yourself be inspired by this great TEDtalk of Simon Sinek.
  2. Introduce S2M with an event  Introduce S2M as a new way of working together, a new strategy in realizing your own mission and those of your users. Organize an event to celebrate this introduction. Watch the keynote of Ronald van den Hoff about Society 3.0 together and help them understand how the world is changing rapidly and what the importance is of connecting to each other.
  3. Instruct them well and set the right example  People will only move if they are well-informed. What do you expect from them? What can they expect from you? Why do you want them to check into the S2M system? What’s in it for them? Share your thoughts with them and set the right example yourself. Always go back to the vision level: why are you in this together? Your ‘why’ stays the most important factor to enthuse and activate them. And of course you can put a frame with instructions on the tables, telling them how to check in. Please remember, repetition is the key. It takes time and effort for people to get comfortable with a new system.
  4. Visualize  Please make sure you have a monitor to run S2M TV Screen (included in software). You can set up S2M TV Screen by either using a spare computer or a Raspberry Pi. The S2M TV Screen shows what knowledge and talent is available at the location. Knowing what somebody else’s knowledge and talent is, gives people a perfect icebreaker in connecting. Once people see connections are being made by others, the rest will follow. It will make your community stronger.
  5. Experience the power of the network You and your users are part of a large network now, where inspiring and innovative people are able to support you in reaching your personal and professional missions. Everyone has knowledge to share, so your blogs and/or vlogs are welcome! You can contribute actively by connecting to people, asking and answering questions and connecting to people. Start a chat or invite them for a face to face meeting. Exchange ideas, start collaborations. The S2M software will help you by introducing you to relevant others, each time you check in. And it will only get more interesting now S2M is growing rapidly internationally!

You can connect to all of these experienced S2M hosts in the Virtual HQ. See you there!