Together they will create World Peace- and they met through S2M for Locals!


Serendipity truly is a marvelous thing, and it really can happen everywhere! Even in your own living room at a self-made ping-pong desk. Today May-May from Peace SOS went to work at Erik Visser’s home in Amsterdam. A beautiful Dutch-style house right at the waterfront, only a ten minute bus ride from the central station.

Though this story has many interesting highlights and insights, there is one thing I want to mention straight away: he literally had a massive championship ping-pong table in the middle of his living room! Handcrafted and multi-purposed, that’s some interior design inspiration right there (anyone have a spare ping-pong table I can use for my little student room?).


But now back to the good stuff; world peace and politics. One of the first things May-May asked me when I walked into the room was whether I knew a good business model for peace. Now I am not often speechless (not even kidding), but I did not have an answer to that. Luckily Erik is, like May-May, actively engaged in politics and they were able to have some fruitful discussions on that topic.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen; serendipity at your own (ping-pong)table! In the fight for world peace we can all use those little relevant encounters to feed our passion and light our fire. Let’s hope Erik and May-May come up with a good plan and change the world!