TIS Picks: 5 Top Virtual Reality Videos

5 Top Videos on Virtual Reality and Innovation
5 Top Videos on Virtual Reality and Innovation

Virtual Reality is a computer-simulated reality that artificially creates sensory experiences, which can include sight, touch, hearing and smell. We perceive virtual reality to be real because it manipulates our senses. Augmented reality connect reality and the virtual world, adding a layer of digital content to reality. Here’s our top 5 pick from the best and most breathtaking videos on VR / AR videos.

1. GloveOne — feel VR

From fooling your eyes to fooling your body. Now you can also FEEL Virtual Reality with the GloveOne. It will give you a sense of actually interacting with the objects in VR.

2. Minecraft in VR

See how the Microsoft Hololens makes it possible to put your Minecraft world on the dining room table.

3. Quarterback training with VR

By simulating what the defending team will do, quarterbacks can virtually go through their offense strategy. Stanford University’s football team is at the forefront of sports revolution.

4. Playing games with VR

See the possibilities of VR and easily share that feeling with your friends and family in your own living room!

5. The first VR roller coaster

Make roller coasters even more exciting by adding Samsung Gear VR. Six Flags America is the very first the introduce the VR Roller Coaster.