TIS Picks: 5 Top Sports Videos

5 Top Videos on Sports and Innovation

Even when you think this generation of athletes is the absolute best in their field, future generations will blow us away anew, setting new records. Speed, height or distance, every dimension and record will be conquered again. Many sports records have been broken in the last decade to an ever increasing advance in sports technology. Here is our pick of the 5 best and most breathtaking videos on SPORTS.

1. Top level tennis tracker

Babolat PLAY is the world’s first connected tennis racket and has very accurate sensors in the handle that record information about a player’s game. The information recorded can later be transferred to smartphones or laptops. Let’s PLAY!

2. A very rewarding football

Uncharted Play is using sports and play to empower people. By kicking a soccer ball around the ball will charge itself, energy which later can be used as an off-grid power source..

3. Powerful stuff!

We cannot wrap our heads around this: D3O’s smart material is engineered to be soft and flexible in standard conditions, but will change to a solid form on impact! The possibilities and applications of this blindingly orange material are endless, as it can keep many athletes, motorcyclists and soldiers safe.

4. Empowering the blind

We can say a lot about this video, but you just have to look yourself. Okay, one thing: it will change the upcoming Paralympics. Well done, Samsung!

5. Mixed Reality Golf

We’re positive we haven’t seen half of what Microsoft’s HoloLens can do. Here’s another application: use it for golf analytics and fan engagement! In only 8 weeks the designers at Taqtile have come up with an interactive golf course that shows collected data from pro players.