TIS Picks: 5 Top Space Videos

5 Top Videos on Space and Innovation
5 Top Videos on Space and Innovation

It’s been almost 50 year since the words ‘That’s one small step for a man, a huge leap for mankind’ were spoken. These images from the past summon the same thrilling experience we now get by talking about missions to Mars and commercial spaceflight. Here is our pick of the 5 best and most breathtaking videos on SPACE.

1. Cleaning up space junk

Sticky micro satellites might be the solution to the growing number of space debris. Watch Nobu Okada explain the ambitious plans of Astroscale for removing satellite shards and other objects floating around in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO):

2. Growing food in space

“When it comes to fertilizer, the space tomatoes will be watered by a natural by-product of astronauts.” Ehm. Interesting. However, future space exploration demands these solutions to produce food in the nothingness of space:

3. A village on the Moon

While Mars is a priority for many space exploration agencies, the European Space Agency (ESA) turns towards the Moon. The ‘moon village’ is to become a global project, by sharing knowledge and technologies with other space agencies:

4. World’s smallest satellite

The Arizona State University pushes the boundaries of space exploration with the SunCube, a miniature satellite weighing between 35 and 100 grams. Measuring only 3 centimeters across, it is still capable of carrying instruments such as cameras, power systems, computers and a fully-functioning radio:

5. A homemade spacecraft

It’s an oldie, but even after six years time this is still an impressive feat! Watch filmmaker and self taught engineer Luke Geissbühler and his son fly their homemade space ballon into the upper stratosphere: