TIS Picks: 5 Top Robots and AI Videos

5 Top Videos on Robots, AI and Innovation
5 Top Videos on Robots, AI and Innovation

Our Robots & AI archive has grown to 130+ videos! Quite cool to have a vast collection of world-wide examples of how robots can help us become more efficient, can teach each other and help us in our daily lives. There are many videos that have amazed us, including several artificial intelligence videos. Here’s our top 5 pick from the best and most breathtaking videos on Robots & AI.

1. 3D-printed robots

The Distributed Robotics Laboratory at Dartmouth College has come up with a way to print robots! Using multi-material additive-manufacturing techniques they offer an alternative to conventional rigid and soft robot fabrication. All mechanical components of this robot are printed in a single step with no assembly required. Just add a battery.

2. Autobots

In September 2016, the Turkish company Letvision has surprised the world with its real-life Transformer that is made out of a BMW. The prototype called Antimon doesn’t walk, but that functionality can be added later if the company finds additional funding.

3. Biomimicry in robots

In designing robots many companies have looked towards nature for inspiration. In this video you will see some really cool robotic snakes, dogs and kangaroos!

4. AI — how far have we come?

Neil Jacobstein, Chairman of AI and Robotics at Singularity University beliefs strongly in artificial intelligence and robotics. He sees revolutionary progress in these fields every 18–20 months. Results get better. And cheaper. However, humans are still better at asking the right questions.

5. AI — robots & ethics

Andrew Smart is author of the book Beyond Zero and One which focuses on machines and consciousness. We talked with him during the Border Sessions Festival and discussed weak and strong artificial intelligence, ethics and whether robots can trip on acid.