TIS Picks: 5 Top Health Videos

5 Top Videos on Health & Innovation
5 Top Videos on Health & Innovation

Healthcare is affected heavily by several major trends: budget cuts in the overall healthcare sector, an ageing population and a growing shortage of carers. Although all of these are quite negative developments that will put a strain on our healthcare system, together they do stimulate another trend: introducing more technology in healthcare! Here’s our pick from the 5 best and most breathtaking videos on Health.

1. Anatomy in 3D

Studying anatomy becomes much more life-like with this educational platform from 3D4Medical. It uses augmented reality and 3D-visualizations of body parts, which students can interact with.

2. Drug-free pain relief

Quell is a wearable device that uses neurotechnology to achieve pain relief. It is a drug-free solution worn on the upper calf to stimulate sensory nerves responsible for pain sensations.

3. Regaining control over paralyzed limbs

At the Tech University of Lausanne (CH) researchers have developed a brain-spine interface that allows primates to regain control of a paralyzed limb. It will take years still, but this technique might be applied to humans in the future.

4. Preventing diseases from happening

Human Longevity aims to become the world’s biggest open source database on human genomes and phenotypes, in order to develop new ways of combating diseases associated with aging. They hope to diagnose early onset of diseases and identify risk factors.

5. Regenerating cartilage

This 3D-printer at Cornell University uses living ink to print human cartilage, such as ears. The ink consists of living cells, ‘it’s alive when it goes in the printer, it’s alive when it comes out of the printer’. You can actually grow a realistic ear within a week!