TIS Picks: 5 Top Gadgets Videos

5 Top Videos on Gadgets and Innovation
5 Top Videos on Gadgets and Innovation

Gadgets are cool! Gadgets are useless! Gadgets make life more fun! Yes, we all want gadgets, even if it’s just to play with it once and then throw it away. They are fun to have and fun to give away. Some of them are expensive, some are really cheap. Some make your life easier, some just clog up the room or look pretty. Here’s our pick from the 5 best and coolest gadgets videos.

1. Bring your drums everywhere you go

Swedish startup Freedrum has created a virtual drum kit that allows practicing drumming anywhere without disturbing anyone. The standard kit contains two sensors that can be attached to the drumsticks, the flow of natural movement is synchronized with the sound in the Garageband or similar apps on your iPhone.

2. A pop-up monitor

SPUD by Arovia stands for Spontaneous Pop-up Display — a large (24 inch), portable screen that connects to any device and can be taken anywhere! It collapses to the size of a book and weighs about a kilogram. Great for traveling, gaming, hanging out with friends or as an extra screen for work-purposes.

3. 3D-printing with your smartphone

This OLO 3D innovative device let’s you 3D-print just by using your smartphone: retailing under $ 100, this couldn’t have been a better bargain! It’s small, runs on AA batteries, weighs under a kilogram and comes in a shock-proof case so you can take it anywhere.

4. Sunglasses and speakers in one

Listening to music in public spaces and still be aware of your environment? From IN your ear to ON your ear, the Zungle Panther uses bone conduction speakers which transmits sound waves to your skull.

5. An interchangeable touchpad

This touchpad can literally sense anything! With 20,000 sensor points, the Sensel Morph by Sensel is an input device able to track multiple fingers, a paintbrush or a drumbeat! Makers, artists or musicians are able to use it for their work or if you fancy a high tech keyboard — give it a go!