TIS Picks: 5 Top Design Videos

5 Top Videos on Design and Innovation
5 Top Videos on Design and Innovation

Not a typical month at TIS HQ. Normally we have a clearly defined topic, such as Robots or Sports, but this month we featured Design. You can see how this resulted in several discussions on whether a project was design (beautification, art) or Design (practical, innovative). Because many were both! Nonetheless, we have made a really cool selection of the 5 best and most breathtaking videos on DESIGN.

1. Sustainable + high-end quality CAN go hand in hand

Fairphone is the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone. The company wants to inspire social change by focusing on four areas: a long-lasting design, fair materials, good working conditions and reuse + recycling. Nowadays it’s rare to see a company produce products which anyone can repair, making it last as long as possible. Over 100.000 have already ordered a Fairphone, illustrating the demand for a move towards fairer electronics.

2. The Shoe That Grows

It’s a strange idea that children from First World countries can wear different shoes every day, including flipflops, sandals, sneakers, boots, etc. while children from Third World countries don’t always have the means to buy a new pair when they’ve grown out of their only other pair. The company Because International aims to change that by introducing The Shoe That Grows, an expendable shoe children can wear for years.

3. A vacuum cleaner for smog

Using no more electricity than a kettle (1170 Watts), the Smog Free Tower will clean 30.000 cubic meters of air per hour. The innovative project by Studio Roosegaarde uses patented ion technology to produce smog-free bubbels of air. After debuting in Rotterdam (NL), the tower is now exhibited in Beijing. Read more…

4. Turning air into water

Many rural villages in Ethopia lack the simple water infrastructure to fulfill basic needs of running water and sanitation. Warka Water has designed a structure that turns the atmosphere into potable water (50 to 100 liters a day!). Their focus is to create a sustainable and affordable water source which can be operated and maintained by the villagers themselves.

5. The kitchen of the future

IKEA teamed up with design consultants IDEO to answer the question: how will the storage and preparation of food change in the future? In designing a kitchen concept by means of ‘casual technology’ (tools that give us control and guidance when needed, but hidden otherwise) and sustainable living, they targeted the dining table first.