TIS Picks: The 12 Best Innovation Videos of 2016

The Top 12 Innovation Videos Of 2016
The Top 12 Innovation Videos Of 2016

We’re happy to share our pick of The Best of TIS 2016— the top 12 videos in innovations that happened last year. We have reviewed all monthly themes we explored over the course of 2016: from Refugees to Mobility and Health to Design — we’ve got everything covered!

#12: January — Refugees

Using Oculus Rift and a treadmill, This Page Amsterdam created an installation that lets people experience the story of people searching for refuge through direct narratives. ‘Run Like a Refugee’ provides a clearer view of the stories of millions of people using virtual reality.

#11: February — Energy

It took a year, but later this year (in July) the airplane SOLAR IMPULSE would complete its flight across the globe relying only on solar energy. Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg have been taking turns to fly the plane, thereby pioneering the use of clean energy technologies.

#10: March — Robots

This September, the Turkish company Letvision has surprised the world with its real-life Transformer that is made out of BMWs. Have a look at this promising innovation and let us know what you think.

#9: April — Virtual Reality

NeuroDigital Technologies has created a pair of smart gloves called GloveOne with built-in sensors, that allow users to feel sensations such as heat and interact with objects in virtual reality.

#8: May — Space

Space debris is a serious issue that threatens mankind and vital satellites. Listen to Nobu Okada, CEO of Astroscale, who speaks about his plan to reduce the danger of space debris.

#7: June — Smart Cities

This summer the DLD Conference held an informative panel on Cities of the Future. Speakers discussed how new technologies and connectivity will impact future smart cities. You can watch it here!

#6: July — Mobility

Hildegard Wortmann, Vice President of BMW and Alejandro Agag, founder of FIA Formula E, discuss the changing faces of mobility and the rise of e-mobility.

#5: August — Sports

This protective material from D3Olab stands at the top of the list of sports innovations this year! The product has a potential application in sports, electronics, footwear and the motorcycle market! Check it out in the video below.

#4: September — Fashion

The Sound Shirt is an extraordinary piece of clothing that allows people who are deaf to feel sounds and the music of the Junge Symphoniker with their body. Have a look at some of the first impressions people had with this exciting new technology.

#3: October — Design

Potable water is a scarce resource in many African and Asian countries. Warka Water is a project developed by Architecture and Vision which harvests water from thin air. The project takes its name from the Warka Tree — a symbol of public gatherings in Ethiopia.

#2: November — Health

Researchers at the University of Lausanne have developed a brain-spine interface, that allows non-human primates to regain control of a paralyzed limb. The interface bypasses the injury, thus acting as a connection between the brain and the spine. Consequently, a clinical study has began in Switzerland to test the interface for humans.

#1: December — Sharing Economy

Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar explores two possible futures that autonomous cars may bring: heaven or hell. Listen to her ideas on the subject and her suggestions for the future of mobility.


This is the end of our #bestofTIS16 list. It was awesome sharing this with you, fans of innovation. In the coming year we’ll keep working on our website and share even more videos, innovative projects and cool stuff! Keep posted on the latest developments and sign up for our weekly newsletter.