The Truth about Lying


De Leugen Academie agency specializes in training people to recognize lies in live and written human communication. Those kinds of trainings are valuable not only for lawyers, insurers, HR managers, poker players, and policemen but actually for all of us.

28th of February, 2019 Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, Noordwijk hosted a regular Blu connect networking event. “The Truth about Lying” became the main topic of the event this time. According to Mirjam Pels, the speaker of the workshop on “The Truth about Lying”, we all lie several times a day. But how can we recognize a lie to protect ourselves in everyday life and business?

Here are 10 practical tips on how to recognize a lie in written texts, like emails:

1. A mail with a lie is often impersonal in tone
2. Lying emails are usually much longer than fair emails
3. Liars love a lot of (unnecessary) details
4. Mails with lies are negative
5. Mails with lies are often very emotional
6. Liars would not involve specific people in their stories
7. Liars would often use indefinite language
8. Liars would often describe the time in detail
9. Lying texts are inconsistent in language use (e.g.: e-mail can start with “I…” and suddenly switch to “We…”)
10. Be aware of sentences starting with: “As far as I can remember…”