The Radisson Blu Palace Hotel is the first Seats2meet location in Noordwijk, the Netherlands

The Radisson Blu Palace Hotel in Noordwijk, the Netherlands is the first Seats2meet (S2M) location in that city. S2M connects people by offering workspaces within an organization to its network. Sharing knowledge is one of the main drivers of this. 11 years ago S2M was founded in Utrecht. Currently, there are 185 locations in 29 countries.

Schools and libraries, hotels and offices offer their vacant workspace to people to work, meet and start collaborations. Seats2meet offers more than just workspaces and meeting rooms. It creates a network of value for all by enabling serendipitous meetings with relevant others.

Nynke Willemsen, brand manager at Seats2meet says: “We have seen a need emerge for hotels to create diversity and life in their lobby’s which are often empty after breakfast. By becoming a Powered by Seats2meet location hotels now come into contact with their working neighborhood and facilitate a context for new meetings, collaborations, and development.“

André Aaij, General Manager at the Radisson Blu Palace Hotel in Noordwijk adds: “I see an opportunity for entrepreneurs who currently work at various locations to come work at the recently opened Dunes Lounge & Bar, experience our hospitality and use the knowledge which is on offer. The facilities such as fast and free WIFI, the best coffee and the parking on offer make the hotel an ideal location to work at, next to the beach. We are proud that Seats2meet concurs and added us to their network”

Entrepreneurs don’t pay at Powered by Seats2meet locations with money but with knowledge, talent, and interests. A check-in at a location using their Seats2meet Passport web or mobile application will enable a match with relevant professionals, content, events and other locations. Nynke Willemsen: “ The S2M Passport is the virtual place where your co-working world starts”.

André Aaij: “Our employees at the hotel also created a Seats2meet Passport and added which projects they  are working on, as well as what their specialty is. Apart from facilitating the workspaces through S2M I hope new collaborations emerge where knowledge is shared between employees of the hotel and guests via S2M. Combining strengths, sharing knowledge and connecting people are values we hold dear at our hotel. Nynke Willemsen adds: “Seats2meet is about connecting to the right people, getting answers to the questions you have plus sharing knowledge to create new opportunities. With the S2M passport, guests of the Radisson Blu Palace Hotel will get access to relevant information and experts which enables them to grow on a personal and a professional level. It is an awesome service to offer as a hotel. We are extremely happy with the Radisson Blu Palace Hotel as a Powered by Seats2meet location. Serendipity grows by offering such diverse locations!”