The New Seats2Meet Marketing Team Shares Insights from Their Journey

They say, if you don’t have a Facebook/LinkedIn or Instagram account – do you even exist?

These days social media platforms are everything for businesses and personal interactions. And our new Marketing and Communications team know it better than everyone. Masha, Maria and Kamila are the co-founders of Time Space – a startup within Seats2Meet network that has been existing for over a year. Time Space utilizes the abundance of coworkings and offices to create study spots for students. They use Seats2Meet passport as well as offline facilitation to let younger generations network with entrepreneurs and freelancers and build professional networks.

Originally from Russia, the girls have been living in the Netherlands for over 5 years, throughout this time they have experienced first-hands how it is to integrate in the Dutch culture as foreigners, how to elevator-pitch a Dutch investor, bootstrap while leading a startup, and, of course, how to use the social media and digital marketing to promote a new business and expand the network. 

Accumulatively girls have lived in more than 12 countries, have organized more than 56 events, have spent tons of sleepless night brainstorming on the startup development and how to make the budget for the months. They have graduated from programs in Business and Economics in Utrecht and Amsterdam, and got “Master’s Degree” in Life Sciences with extended specialty in living on the edge surviving as startupers while using all the resources and creativity.

More than a year ago, when Time Space was just a concept, which was ready to become a reality, the girls serendipitously met the founder of Seats2Meet – Ronald van den Hoff at one of the conferences about the Sharing Economy, and elevator pitch the idea. Since then, they have been working on developing their business following the Lean Startup principles under the mentorship of Ronald, and using the Seats2Meet Matching Principles to cover the new target group.

While following this exciting startup journey, they have learned ins and outs of S2M, Social Media Marketing and the fundamentals of Society 3.0. Now they would be happy to share these great things with you! Putting names to the team leading the key S2M channels, we would like to give each and one of you the stage to share your story.

Feel free to shoot them a message at to share an idea for an article or send a collaboration proposal!

If you want to learn more about their journey, check out their anniversary campaign in the video below, and have a look at their website.