The bionic man is no longer science fiction



A fast paced flashy video about a bionic man.

What is it?

People over 50 years old may still know the six million dollar man: the tv series about astronaut Steve Austin who, after a terrible crash, was reconstructed with bionic parts. Both his legs, his right arm and left eye where replace by bionic parts. The operation costed 6 million dollar, hence the series name. At the time the series was made, bionic implants were still science fiction. This video shows that’s different now.

Why is it interesting?

It’s interesting to see that something that was fiction 40 years ago, is almost real now. A lot can be done. A skull, legs including the difficult knees and hips can be made and implanted. But not only bone and limbs can be made and replace the real stuff. A bionic man also could have an artificial heart which is capable of pumping 2.5 gallons of blood per minute.

Key take away/Quote:

In the end a lot of fantasies become reality.

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