The 14th of June Centraal Beheer is organizing a pitch event


Our challenge is to stay relevant to our customers in a rapidly changing world and give them the best experience as possible. We are searching for new business models to offer our customers all the services and solutions they need to live a happy life.

The innovation lab, Lab55,  is the right place to pitch your innovative idea, product or service. It is the first step in a collaboration which is both valuable for your startup as for Centraal Beheer.

For upcoming pitch event, Centraal Beheer is looking for innovative housing solutions or services

Houses are getting more automated and connected by the use of smart technologies. Sustainability is a hot topic. Young adults and families struggle more and more to find affordable housing. Therefore, we want to offer our customers besides insurances also innovative solutions or services. We are looking for innovations related to:

  • Comfortable living
  • Affordable living
  • Sustainable living

Do you as a startup see an opportunity that matches one of the above themes? Send an email to and hopefully, we can welcome you the 14th of June on the Lab55 stage!