Tech Tuesday Insights: Interview with the Facilitators

On Tuesday, February 12th, our Seats2Meet Communications team has joined Tech Tuesday event at CS to get some tech inspiration and some insightful info.

As we were wandering around Seats2Meet CS, we stumbled upon workshops which topics vary from creating an Open-source Project to Restore the Power of Individuals on the Web to The Ethical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence with the focus on Autonomous Vehicles and creating “common good Internet” by PublicSpaces.

Raspberry Pi IoT Workshop left us dreaming of making my morning IoT coffee from the comfort of the bed with just a couple of phone clicks, and another workshops had suggested our stress levels can be significantly reduced through VR coaching & meditation.

The Idea Behind Tech Tuesday

Internet of Things, Blockchain, Virtual Reality and 3D printing. Those hot and widely discussed topics rapidly change the face of business, drive the new global economy, and change our lives. Sometimes without us even noticing it.

“Internet for the Public Good”. PublicSpaces Workshop

Browsing the web and reading articles is for sure one way to stay updated in this rapidly changing world.  On the other hand, having a network of experts in various fields and giving them a stage to share first-hand insightful information can be a great way to initiate a discussion, facilitate network and exchange knowledge. With that thought in mind, Lenneke van Rossum and Vincent Ariens initiated the first Tech Tuesday event a couple of years ago.

Since then the movement has become a big success. Now, every second Tuesday of the month, local business, experts in the field, technology enthusiasts are given the stage at the Tech Tuesday event. Through various workshops, discussions, DIY sessions and informal networking drinks, people can get acquainted with the new technologies, share their opinions on sometimes controversial topics, exchange knowledge and expand their network.

Who Facilitates the Event?

Tech Tuesday as we know it now came as a common effort of many enthusiasts and companies eager to facilitate it. It is a collaborative initiative of three organizations:

Permanent Future Lab – a publicly accessible location where the newest technologies are shared. Currently there are a few locations in the Netherlands, one in Bali and Bangladesh. At those locations, anyone can play, discover and exchange new ideas through available technology or by learning from other passersby.

Permanent Beta – a platform that facilitates creative and innovative ideas, which contribute to solutions to every large issues of our time: education, healthcare, decentralizing government or innovation.

Seats2Meet – if you are currently reading this articles, the odds are high you are quite familiar with the concept. Not the case? Then we kindly suggest browsing through the magazine to get to know us better!

At the end of the event, we were able to catch and interview the three guys thanks to whom the event becomes not only possible, but also very vibrant and successful each time. Jurjen de Vries, Milan Passchier and Samir Anand Lahiri – entrepreneurially minded enthusiasts that facilitate Tech Tuesday and make it happen monthly! Check out their interview below, and do not forget to attend the next event on March 12!

Jurjen de Vries, Milan Passchier and Samir Anand Lahiri sharing their vision behind Tech Tuesday