Tech savvy & a creative mind?


Our API is open to anyone with a plan
Great things happen when you let people study, play with and improve products. That is pretty much the concept on which the Permanent Future Lab (co-created at S2M Utrecht) is built. Get a space, put awesome robots, drones and other toys in it and let the people play with them. Who knows; someone might just develop something totally new.

That is a lifestyle we generally try to promote at S2M; share your abundance with others so together you can co-create something amazing. And in order to practice what we preach we’ve decided to open up our APIs for everyone to play with, let’s see what you come up with!

What is it for?
It gives access to specifically requested data from the Serendipity Machine. This opens up new ways to experiment with the many opportunities created by the Serendipity Machine. Any programming language can be used that is able to call the API Url’s.
(eg: Javascript, PHP, .Net, Java, Swift, Python)

Not sure if this is for me
Even without programming experience, your creative idea with the data can become a reality. Is…not real twitter. It looks like it and does almost everything twitter does technically speaking.

It was built without using a single line of code. Just by visually composing what it should look like and using the different building blocks to make the application functional including the right database structure. is worth trying out, experimenting and prototyping with even if you are a developer.

What people already came up with
We currently have someone working on linking library cards to the Serendipity Machine, so that whenever you go to the library it automatically checks you in and matches you to other relevant people present in the library. It sure as hell is awesome!

Where to start
Have you been waiting since forever to use parts of the Serendipity Machine to make your own innovative features? Well here’s your chance! Just send an email to and you will receive your API key and documentation.

Comment your Idea below
Even if API’s are not your favorite pet, someone might be able to build upon your creativity.