Story of a super kid in s2m, Bangladesh.

Sabbir is talking in s2m Festival..

Hi, my name is Fahad Bin Husne Ali. If you read seats2meet magazine, I think you have already read my articles about S2m activities in Bangladesh. Today I am gonna talk about a strong and super kid of in Bangladesh. Meet Sabbir — 

Sabbir lives far from our Seats2meet location which means he also lives very far from his school. It’s more than 10 KM. And do you wanna know how he travels these distances? Just by walking. Because usually he doesn’t have the money to have a 15 minute ride. He doesn’t live with his father due to extreme poverty. So he used to stay with his grandfather who is a rickshaw driver and also living under the poverty line. That’s the common story here. Pretty much everyone’s life is like this here in my village.

But Sabbir is strong. Everyday he is 10 minute faster than me. I wish you guys could see his typing skill. His interest in learning new tech is so high. I am teaching him English so that he can also communicate with the world and learn from everyone. He hosts “Learn computer” meetup in his home with his cousin, uncle and neighbours in this lockdown situation. He learnt speaking skills from me and talked on the microphone during the last festival when Jurjen De Vries visited our country. Talking to a crowd on a microphone is a big deal here as we don’t have programs for general people. Only big political leaders talk and we hear them. That’s the scenario here. But I break the chain, we break the chain. 

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I wish good luck to Sabbir in future and I know he will be so influential in the coming days. I am taking care of  his family in this pandemic situation. He does have food -these are the best news I can give you for now. 

I wish everyone a healthy time and be safe. Good luck to you from Sabbir and me. 

A selfie with Sabbir