Steemit and the future of content producing


50 years ago the only people who created content were the people working with it. Movie directors, TV producers, journalists, writers. We all know what changed. If not I will give you a hint: it starts with inter and ends with net. Didn’t get it yet? Ok, it was the internet!

Everyday we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. That is 10 million blu-ray discs (each one can store 25GB), if we put them all on top each other you will have an structure 4 times bigger than the eiffel tower. Every minute there are 216 thousand pictures being uploaded on instagram, 277 thousand tweets and 72 hours of videos being uploaded on youtube.

All this content might create some revenue for the people posting, but mainly it goes to the platforms that host them. aims to change that. It is defines itself as “a blockchain-based social media where anyone can earn rewards”. The rewards are in form of steem dollars (actual cryptocurrency) and steem power (gives you more status when posting content and voting).

The way to get them is by posting (good) content and upvoting articles that end up being popular. In that way all the content that we just give the other social media as twitter, facebook and instagram, comes back to us. That is the main strategy and it has been working, in the last 4 months the social media grew in exponential rates and is still on its way to more. To understand more about its rewards check this article.