SPNDL empowers entrepreneurs – Mirjam Burger tells us how


One of the first people I met when arriving in the Netherlands was Mirjam Burger. She was working together with Seats2meet and with all her charisma showed me how you can make the max of the S2M experience with mastery. Today she is part of SPNDL, a collaboration between innovative companies, including Seats2meet as a location partner, to help other corporates connecting and working with visionary entrepreneurs.

Hi Mirjam, you already worked with Seats2meet and now you are all over the place! Can you give us your secret on how to make the max out of an S2M experience?

It is a very comforting thought to have access to an ecosystem like Seats2meet and to be actually part of it. In 2016 and 2017 I was involved in the international rollout of Seats2meet and then the national business development.

Because of that, I was asked by Ingrid van Rossum of Fuenta for a role in a great innovative project with wholesaler Makro Nederland. Now I am an associate at Fuenta. Basically, this great flow I have been in started at Seats2meet in 2016, which I am still grateful for!

At Fuenta we create and execute innovative business concepts with a collective of entrepreneurs. With each new business concept, we need to have a new team of people with specific skills. Sometimes we’re working from a client’s site, sometimes we are meeting people and working in places like Seats2meet.

Having direct access to a big network of people but also spaces to work and meet are crucial at that point. I also love being able to ask questions online within the network and to get matched to other people. Sometimes I use the S2M Magazine as well to share knowledge or announce something.

Come to think of it, I do make the max out of an S2M experience! 🙂

Your newest role is at SPNDL, could you tell us what SPNDL is?

SPNDL is one of the initiatives of Fuenta. During the Makro project we successfully created a great conceptual program for entrepreneurs with the support of some other innovative companies. SPNDL was actually the natural prolongation of this pleasant cooperation, which of course includes Seats2meet!

Since the growing group of entrepreneurs in society is an interesting target group, we concluded that the same sort of program would probably solve a problem for other companies as well. It allows these companies to stay focused on their core business, while we take care of the added value for the entrepreneurs.

Every entrepreneur needs vision, knowledge, and skills. Working with SPNDL, a company can offer these entrepreneurs trainings, free webinars, locations to work and meet, workshops, relevant matching, business acceleration and access to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Instead of just being consultants, we make innovation work.

Who is SPNDL for?

For every company that wants to be or stay relevant to entrepreneurs, like Achmea, that we just started a project with. Achmea has always had a very innovative approach to the market, like with LAB55 (also an S2M location) and its pitch events.

And how can they start working with SPNDL?

By requesting a free intake or free 3hr SPNDL sparring session, sending an email to info@spndl.nl. During the sparring session, we will analyze the problem together and spar about possible solutions and how to execute these.

What is the vision of the companies that collaborate in SPNDL for the future of the initiative?

We all have a clear vision on entrepreneurship, education and new ways of organizing. Our core values are connect, trust, dare and grow and we firmly believe that serious business goes hand in hand with doing good.

Our clients need to have the same strong beliefs and values. This is clearly written in our website and part of our proposition.

And where can people keep up with SPNDL’s news?

At the website www.spndl.nl you can find more on SPNDL and its partners. Within a few weeks from now, all social media channels will be launched as well!