Monday, November 25th, 14-18, S2M Meeting Plaza Utrecht CS
Prolific business writer Joe Pine presents his rereleased version of his best-seller book, The Experience Economy. Tickets: 99 Euro, including signed hardcover.
Leading business writer and thought-leader Joe Pine comes to Seats2meet for a special talk about the Experience economy. There are not many thinkers and writers who can frame the change we are all under going, as well as give us handholds and tools to thrive. Be it in society, in organisations, in work and personally. His books have been a guiding light for many senior managers as well as forward thinkers.
I met Joe Pine over ten years ago when he shared his thinking and theories, which formed the foundation for his later book Infinite Possibility. Never before had someone so smartly framed what I saw going on in the world of on and offline experiences and how to create strategies in the new world where time, space, and people experiences all blend into one journey. And it starts with the Experience Economy.
As we move from the transactional and services world, relationships, authenticity, and above all, the experience is what determines success for organizations and people. And that is much more than what happens on web pages and in mobile apps. It is how people feel, and that is the ultimate transaction.
As with many important books, the Experience Economy still stands tall. Even more so, with this reissue where Joe Pine and hist co-author Jim Gilmor added a new preview that puts the Experience Economy in today’s context. It is focused on the new subtitle: Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money. For that is what every company now does in today’s Experience Economy! And if you do not stage an experience worthy of their time and attention, then you are unlikely to get them to spend their money with you.

I guess that was enough of an enthusiastic blog post about Joe Pine event on the 25th and his rereleased book. I will be there. Will you? It’s 99 euro to attend and includes the book in hardcover which he will sign.