Meet SPEAK – a global community for social inclusion


Maybe it’s the first time you are hearing about SPEAK. However SPEAK is already in 12 European cities and recently arrived to Utrecht and Amsterdam.

SPEAK was founded in 2014 in Portugal with the mission to integrate migrants and refugees in new cities where they live. It’s estimated 260 million international migrants globally are in need of integration services. Among others, one of the barriers to inclusion, includes language and culture.

SPEAK is an impact venture helping to solve a key challenge: social exclusion of migrants and refugees.

The main activities of SPEAK are language and culture exchange, as well as community organized events.

Anyone can be part of SPEAK world – as participants of language programs and events; as volunteers to teach their language or organize cultural events.

In an informal offline environments, participants learn and share common interests, help each other and promote comprehension and cooperation among all.


SPEAK has some differentiators:

  1. Participants are the change makers– Through offline meetings, participants become more aware of the ‘other’ and their culture, in this way they break stigmas, barriers and make new friendships
  2. The experience is community based – the community is the solution: Participants are the ones helping others by teaching a language or organizing events
  3. Learning a language is not an end on its own – SPEAK uses the need or motivation to learn a language as mean to connect newcomers with locals
  4. Uses technology for impact – SPEAK was built with the objective of scaling impact through technology following a Online2Offline model

This way, SPEAK helps participants to meet other people and feel integrated in the city they live.

Learn a new language and culture while also making new friends It’s the way SPEAK promotes equality, inclusion and diversity.

You also can be part!

Join SPEAK and Share Your World!

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