Sharing = Caring ❤️


Sharing abundance
As you may know from us, we are happy to share. After all, we built Seats2meet on this concept. But we’re going to share even more with you. Now that we are all going through quite a heavy storm, we can use some extra abundance.

Doors are open!
Seats2meet Amersfoort CS & Seats2meet Utrecht CS kick off. Tianne from S2M Amersfoort: “We have decided that for the next six months we will make our Playfield (a special space in their location) and all the spaces around it on the third floor available free of charge for ‘awareness activities’. We share our abundance. Our spaces that are empty most of the time from mid-March. And we count on it to generate ‘new’ abundance. For everyone involved!”

Dream, build, play & share with us
Seats2meet Utrecht CS takes a slightly different approach. They offer free space to trainers and workshop providers. For the conditions, please contact the relevant location. For Utrecht via this link & for Amersfoort via this link.

What is your abundance? 💡