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At Seats2meet, we embrace the power of an online presence, and we believe that it’s our users, their unique voices and content they share that enrich the ecosystem, make our network grow and facilitate collaboration. Our Seats2meet software matches articles to relevant people, hence every voice gets heard, and the message gets delivered to the relevant target audience!

We are sure that all of you have great stories, insightful tips, and opinions to share with us; and we want to make it easy for you to reach out to us and share your content.

1. Writing Articles for Seats2meet magazine

With over 24K readers in the magazine per year and the matching mechanism of the software, Seats2meet magazine is a perfect platform to share your stories, insights, and experiences. Not sure about the topics? Here are some ideas for you:

Insights from the industry you work in, tips and tricks, useful tools, and how to-s (technology, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, etc)
Personal experiences: being a digital nomad, serendipitous moments that led to something unexpected, conferences/events/workshops you’ve attended.
Trends/current events – overviews, opinions, discussions

Check out the previously covered topics for some inspiration:

This article has instruction for submitting posts to S2M magazine. We are open to any ideas and collaboration. Feel free to shoot your ideas, topics, and articles to, and we will be happy to help you get started!
And to keep it more exciting, the author of an article with the most views of the week will receive a special surprise from Seats2meet!

2. Facebook and LinkedIn Posts

Had a productive meeting or a great working session at one of the Seats2meet locations? Attended one of the events from our ecosystem, or organized your own? Feel free to share your experience in a post, and tag Seats2meet. We constantly monitor social media, and are more than happy to repost your content… giving you the attention you deserve 🙂

Here is a great example for you:

3. Instagram and Twitter 

Working from a cool cafe, coworking place, hotel lobby or a beach today? Make an Insta post or a story tagging @seats2meet or using the hashtag #seats2meet. Share your thoughts, stories, experiences, and photos on Instagram and Twitter tagging seats2meet and will make sure to repost the best content!

It’s the year 2019. We all are present on various social media platforms, overloaded with tons information and at times, we even start doubting – “if something has happened, but it is not on social media, cannot be Googled or does not appear on the news feed – has it really happened?”. At Seats2meet we embrace the power of social media and want to help you get heard! Share your experiences with us…and we will make sure to positively surprise you from our side!