Crowdfunding: Seats2meet Bangladesh community 2.0

Community can make change. By inspiring others, by helping each other and growing together.

If you don’t know me I am Fahad Bin Husne Ali the location manager of Seats2meet Bangladesh . We do create change in our village with the seats2meet location. How about creating more communities in different places.

 I start working on a second community. I grew up in a city named Mathbaria, and spent 11 years out of my 23 years of life. Have all the friends and emotions. My friends always complain to me why I don’t make an open source coworking space there also. Well its a hard job for me to maintain one location . After Covid-19 it’s very tough and now I can’t really make  another location. But what I can do is make  “Tech Sunday”  just like the Permanent Future Lab,Netherlands. 

Well it’s not easy making a community here in Bangladesh because most of us are poor and unaware of technology. I wish it was too easy to create an event and tell people to make sure for RSVP. I made an event on facebook but most of the people in my community don’t have phones or facebook. Maybe some of them have it at home but you know strict parenting and limitations of  using online.

So the solution was to go door to door to tell them what we are planning and I have to also convince them that we can learn together.Need to convince not only those people in my community but also their parents. Some say okey, some say NOPE. 

I respect both. 

I was planning to host in my own room but my rental house is really tiny so I was confused because I don’t know how many people are going to come. Then I posted on facebook that anyone can help me with a location where we can host meetups in just Sunday for 1 or 2 hours

One guy commented that they have a library room with books and no one visits anyway. I can use the room. I was happy and thanks to my network.The very next day we got the key. The first sunday was on 18th october. Myself and 2 of my buddies went to the library room 2 hours before the meetup and cleaned it up. Lots of work because it was horribly messed up.

Well our work was successful to see guys are coming with a happy face. Some guys were meeting me for the first time and were very excited. I am not a celebrity but people kinda know me for my extreme backpack travel stories on facebook. 

It was 4 pm and we officially started our meetup by introducing each other.

We then talked about career and future plans and how Technology can change life day to day and also for a better future. Some younger dude got really inspired and told me they will attend a meetup every week. We plan to create small projects instead of just talking and then shows more people to inspire them.

I created a small touch screen tablet with my raspberry Pi 4. Well this might be funny or too easy to you but here it’s a big deal.

If you want to build your own you can see this blog about How to Make an Android Tablet Using a Raspberry Pi.

We are planning on creating more small arduino projects and my own dream is making a drone on my own because drones in the market are very expensive. From the next meetups we are gonna also experience Google Nest that my friend Jurjen De Vries gifted us. Thanks to him. Along with experiencing tech I think we have a lot more potential and we have the passion to work on.

Btw, we have a plan to expand the s2m Bangladesh community even more and I need your help , if you want to. We opened a Patreon page to collect your help, you can just contribute 5 dollars or any amount you want monthly or one time. Our first contributor is the CEO of, MR. Ronald Van Den Hoff. I request all of you to help some for even a better move.

Our patreon link—

Thanks for reading, I was not active online for many days due to working so hard on the locations offline. I wish you stay safe in the COVID-19 situation and don’t be scared because this is not the first pandemic for this world, we will rise again.

Thank you for reading.

Fahad Bin Husne Ali,
Location manager,
Seats2meet, Bangladesh.