How to – Seats2meet Update 2017

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

Today marks a new era! During the whole summer our developers (you know them as Wouter, Dennis, and Kevin) have been working to make the S2M management system easier, prettier and most of all, more complete to your needs. So let’s see what’s new!


Communicate with your team and don’t leave any task behind with the new To Do feature. Here is what you can do with it.

  • Assign a task for anyone in your team
  • Create a deadline for tasks
  • Notifications will be sent to the ones involved in the tasks when it is either done or the deadline is approaching

Creating a To-Do is extremely easy! You can do it in two different ways.

  1. Create it in your location dashboard. In the left column click on + add to-do.

There you can add a subject, the due date, and details. When you save it, the to do will always be on the left column, until you mark it as done in the box to the left of the subject.

2. The other way to create a to-do is by going to reservations, invoices, proposals, customers, companies or vouchers. Whenever you click on a specific item in one of those pages, you get the option to add a note. The note can be either a reminder in that specific case, or it can be a to-do. To make it a to-do it’s also easy! just mark it as ‘Is a to-do’.

Yes, I know, the look and the information in the customer page already changed! But we will get back to it soon. In the customer or company you want to add the note click on add note and select ‘Is a to-do’. When you select this option the note will go straight to the to-do column and you can set a due date for that task, so you will be notified when the deadline is reaching its end.

Once you click ‘next’ you will find the list of the employees that work in your location. There you can select people to assign the task or note to. Once they are assigned the to-do will also be on their to-do column and they will also be notified when it is done or when it is close to the deadline.

You can use the to-dos to communicate with your team, assign tasks, and manage processes as follow-ups after a proposal was sent, add a specific demand a client had and many other applications. The sky is the limit!


In the ‘Bookings’ section, there is a new item! In proposals, you can generate a customized e-mail with a pdf specific for each client’s demand.

When clicking on ‘add’ a proposal you can choose the day, the time, the numbers of seats and which room specifically you are creating the proposal for. See the example below.



Once you click on ‘book’ you can search and select the individual or the company you are sending this proposal to.


If the individual you selected is also part of a company, you can also select the company in the next step.



Once you select the company or individual you are going to send the proposal to, you can continue to see all the details and create a ‘booking’. You can also add tags to facilitate searching proposals in the future.

And now is where the fun part begins! After you select ‘create booking’ you directed to a detail page. On ‘Settings’ you can customize your e-mail and the pdf, which will use the pictures of your location as well.

In the proposal settings, you can personalize the e-mail texts, creating versions both in Dutch and in English. The pdf that will be generated is divided into 5 different sections: Intro Content, Meeting spaces content, Options Content, Summary Content and Outro Content (the conclusion part). You can personalize all of them and choose which blocks you are going to send by checking the ‘Show in PDF’ box.

It’s important to know that once you save the content in the blocks, they won’t change for the next proposal, so you don’t have to rewrite them every time. So to save time, it’s good to write in the way that you can send it to all your clients, only changing small details. And when you are done, just go back to your proposal and hit ‘send new e-mail’.

Cancellation Reasons

In the cancellation report, there are statistics for 6 predefined reasons the operators from key S2M locations suggested, which are:

  • Don’t want to give a reason
  • Found a cheaper location
  • Meeting is canceled
  • No participants
  • Going to another region/city/area
  • Meeting is rescheduled

In this way, it’s easier to track what is the most common reason why reservations are canceled and get more insights. When a customer indicates ‘other’ as a reason they can fill in which is the actual reason. Operators can also include a specific reason for cancellation on ‘Edit reservation’.

Check-in for Admin

 Another new feature is Check-in. Now your team can check-in your network without occupating any of the seats.

To do it just go on top of the left column, select check-in, reply the questions, select how long you are staying in the location and save! Voi lá, you are checked in and if you go into your account in the TSM app, you can find matches and chat with the network.


New Login Feature

This one goes for both hosts and users! Instead of having to remember your password, now you can log in via link request.


It’s easy! Just select the option ‘log in link request’, put your e-mail there, and you will receive an e-mail with a link. When you click that magical link, you will be already logged in in Seats2meet!



Notification Rules

No, it’s not that rules in the sense that it rocks. Now, so you don’t get overwhelmed with millions of notifications, you can create rules for them! For example, you can set a rule that you will be notified everytime meetings with a value over 500,- euros are canceled.

To create the rules go to your notifications on the right top corner of the page and click on settings.

There you can create several rules involving meeting spaces, workspaces, cancellation, new reservations, proposals and referring to the value and revenue you set, so you only get notifications that matter to you.

Reservation E-mail

In the same settings where you can personalize your notification rules and the proposal e-mail and pdf, you can find the Reservation E-mail Text.

The reservation e-mail stands for the confirmation e-mail all users receive when booking a workspace or a meeting space.


Other updates

Beyond the new features there are other updates that are worth mentioning:

  • New profile system – more stable and flexible for integrations in the future.
  • Clear code – All the irrelevant code lines were deleted to make it easier for others in the future.
  • Style – other pages, as the voucher page, were given a new style to be more in line with the rest of the update.