Seats2meet: Online but Still Connected ❤️


Forming new connections and finding inspiration were the main reasons why many people chose to work from Seats2meet Locations.

Unfortunately, the locations are closed, but Seats2meet strives to continue connecting and inspiring people online!


Seats2meet Open Lounge!! In your passport you can find a link to log into the lounge, and even to book your own private room! Follow the link.

Connect & Focus sessions in the Open Lounge at 10 am every morning. Our “host of the day” invites everyone to share their goals and major milestones. And of course, you can find help or inspiration from other attendees. Just like in our regular locations!

Power Sessions: We invite people from our network to create an online event sharing cool tips, useful information and their experience. Browse through the list of events to see all upcoming events!

We want to give a specials shout-out to Utrecht CS for giving the virtual stage to its members, for combining efforts in keeping the network afloat and vibrant! Follow their pages on social media to fins more exciting stories! 🙌