Seats2meet Fans Across America


In my last blog post, I decided to take a deeper look into the motivations of coworkers and what users of shared spaces are actually looking for. For example, in a global survey conducted by Deskmag, the most important aspects of coworking spaces according to its users are interaction with other people, flexible working hours, and an environment that encourages serendipitous discoveries.

One of the best parts about being involved in the Seats2meet community is being able to connect with other coworkers around the globe. Even more so, becoming connected to other S2M fans who truly believe in what S2M has to offer and that value can be created outside of traditional monetary means. As the topic of my research is focusing on the American market and how S2M can penetrate it, I have had the opportunity to get in touch with and interview several individuals in America. Each conversation has been unique and informative. Yet, one thing that remains consistent is the passion they each have for connecting people both in and outside their network, to help them grow professionally and personally.

With that said, this blog post highlights 3 individuals who are S2M fans currently living in America. I hope that by sharing their stories, you can see just how far and wide the Seats2meet net can be cast!

Meet ET Stone

ET Stone is a self-identified digital nomad. He is the owner and founder of ETS Entertainment, an independent multi-media & marketing company catered to independent artists and companies across the globe. The goal of ETS Entertainment is to connect (but not limited to) entrepreneurs in the music industry to share their talent using social capital.

Stone launched his first studio in Hilversum, NL known as Stealth Studios in 2004. However, since then, the location has closed. Stone spends his time living between The Netherlands, where he still has his company ETS Entertainment Network, and his hometown of Anderson, South Carolina in the U.S.A.

Stone is in the process of re-launching Stealth Studios in South Carolina which he hopes will open in 2019. The new and improved Stealth Studios will be taking on a larger role in the community. Not only will it be a place that artists and creatives can utilize to produce, work and collaborate, but there will also be an institute on the property where kids ranging from ages of 5-18 can attend the school for free. Stone envisions creating a space where kids can learn what they actually want to learn. For example, they can have the opportunity to work with the cameras on a real project that is happening in the studios. Furthermore, they will gain the necessary experience and knowledge to produce music, films, and documentaries. Stone hopes to launch a third studio in the Philippines

Stone sees the Serendipity Machine and Seats2meet as the perfect tools to help individuals connect and grow! Most importantly, the Passport provides connectivity on a global scale which is of particular interest to Stone as his community is becoming increasingly more global. look forward to seeing what Stone accomplishes in the near future. I have a feeling it will be pretty amazing.

Meet Audrey Betcher

Audrey Betcher is the Director of the Rochester Public Library located in Rochester, Minnesota. Betcher is a longtime fan of Seats2meet and sees great potential in incorporating the Serendipity Machine into the library system. RPL (Rochester Public Library) takes active steps to be a key member in the community’s development. For example, the library hosts programs such as Ready to Lead, where they partner with other organizations to support and engage historically under-represented people who wish to serve on boards and committees.

Betcher believes the Serendipity Machine is an important tool to foster connections and community development a in a continuously growing area. Rochester is a city of about 110,000 residents and home of the Mayo Clinic, a world renowned medical center. As such, Rochester draws individuals from all over the world. Therefore, by introducing a solution like the Serendipity Machine into community spaces, such as the library, community members could be instantly connected to one another based on relevancy and interests. Betcher sees the Serendipity Machine as a way to connect people on a lot of different levels- both socially and professionally. For example, if a Rochester resident has a deep interest in boats and wants to find someone to share the passion with, the Serendipity Machine can match you to someone with related interests. In an ever-growing community with a diverse population, residents have a desire to connect to one another. As such, the Serendipity Machine can most certainly help in that department! That is what it is made to do.

Meet Betsy Bonnema

Betsy Bonnema is the founder of WORKUP and REDstar. WORKUP is a coworking space that was founded and started by REDstar, a creative agency located in Minnesota. WORKUP can be found in a renovated cottage alongside Willmar Lake and is home to REDstar in addition to freelancers, remote workers, and small businesses in the community.  Next to this, WORKUP hosts a variety of events, typically once to twice a week, ranging from book clubs to educational workshops.

WORKUP takes a collaborative approach in all aspects of its business – making sure to let the coworkers and community members know that their voice is heard. Community Curator, Jayme Sczublewski, helps connect members to one another to foster a deeper sense of community within the space. Furthermore, she tries to encourage collaboration amongst users in the space by modeling it; members are encouraged to bring on sponsors for events and share any ideas they may have! Whether you are looking to attend an event or to utilize the space just for the day, the next time you are near Willmar, MN I encourage you stop by WORKUP and say hello!