Save Soil: Let’s make it happen

Save Soil - Sadhguru

I love people who are passionate about things and give themselves completely to realise change. Sadhguru, an Indian mystic, is someone I admire in his mission to raise human consciousness. Right now he is on a 100 day tour on his motorbike from Londen to Coimbatore (India) to create awareness on how to save soil for future generations. I have always liked the way he approaches yoga, because yoga is more than just a body workout. Yoga is about being conscious of who you are and how you are connected to everything around you.

Why Save Soil?

One of Sadhguru’s statements is: “Soil is our life, our very body. And if we forsake soil, in many ways, we forsake the planet.” We need a healthy soil to live healthy lives. What we mostly forget is that, as human beings, we come from the soil and will return to soil. We eat from the soil, we breath the soil. We need the soil to feed ourselves. But with the way we treat the soil these days, there might be no food left for future generations.

Treat the soil well

I have always been passionate about food. About ten years ago I was on a quest to healthy food and started to question everything we eat. Why do we eat the way we do, what can we eat to be more healthy, how can we grow our food in a sustainable way? All these questions led to the answer that food is the basis for a sustainable life. Once you start to question the things you eat, you will start to question more things in life. One of the things I was always curious about is the way farmers treat their lands and how that affects our food. Everything you eat becomes a part of you. So why would you want to fill yourself with unhealthy or poisoned food?

You are what you eat

There is a lot we don’t know about our food, or maybe we are very good in ignoring facts about the things we eat. A lot of food comes from unhealthy soils. This is because the soil is used for the same crops every year and they use a lot of chemicals to keep the crops growing. In a more sustainable way you would use soil for different purposes every year and after a couple of years you let the soil rest for a year. You can choose what you want to eat. Figure out which foods come from a healthy soil (by buying directly from the source you’ll know how your food is treated), or stick to a diet with only biological foods. In that way you are certain your food is healthy.

Save Soil the movement

Save Soil is a global movement launched by Sadhguru, to address the soil crisis by bringing together people from around the world to stand up for Soil Health. It is his aim to support leaders of all nations to institute national policies and actions toward increasing the organic content in cultivable Soil. If you are interested about this subject, there is a lot of content you can find on the website. There are also a lot of video’s to watch on YouTube.