S2M Presents Serendipitous Talks


Last month we started testing a new format on how to bring you the best stories in our ecosystem. Those are the Serendipitous Talks. Seats2meet and the Serendipity Machine come together weekly on Facebook Live to bring you information about different themes. And don’t worry, if you missed the live session you can hear the whole conversation on the format of podcast later. You can get reminders of the live sessions on the Seats2meet and Serendipity Machine pages..

We already spoke about the story of S2M and the Serendipity Machine app, B Corporations and had a special on Sharing Economy in Paris during the OuiShare Fest. Every week we invite someone to participate in the live session and podcast. Here are the themes of the next months.

Remote July 😎

During the next two weeks, we will speak about being location independent and digital nomads. We want to talk about how to become more flexible, the perks and the challenges, and the main destinations.

August is Serendipity Summer ☀️

As we say bye bye to summer we want to make the most the most out of it! In a Society where you can work anytime you want, then when to know it’s time to chill? We will talk about vacation and be taking time off while being an entrepreneur and freelancer.

Sharing September 👯

Let’s talk about sharing economy and all its cousins. Know the initiatives that are shaking the world and that you can already take advantage of, and the future of the peer to peer society.

Pink October 💁

October is the month that the world dresses in pink to create awareness for breast cancer. During this month we will host five power women from all different fields.

Movember 💁‍♂️

Movember, the mustache November, it’s the month to raise the awareness to prostate cancer. And it couldn’t be different, we will host the men you should know the initiatives about.

December, back to the future 🤖

Let’s revisit Society 3.0 and predict what are the main trends for 2018. And as Bob Marley said, in this great future you can’t forget your past. So let’s see the highlights and everything that is worth remembering from 2017.

Know how to participate

Do you want to participate in one of our live sessions? Let us know sending an e-mail to beatriz@seats2meet.com