#s2m in top 10 deeleconomie innovaties, volgens virgin entrepreneurs.


De internationale expansie van Seats2meet.com blijft niet onopgemerkt! Met grote trots vinden we onszelf terug in de top 10 innovaties die de deeleconomie transformeren, op nummer 2. Lees hier de andere 9!

“Co-working continues to rise in popularity across the globe, especially among freelancers and start-ups who want the benefits of community without the hassle and cost of negotiating leases and building out spaces. According to the 2013 Global Coworking Census, nearly 2,500 co-working sites in 80 countries existed as of February 2013, and that number is expected to grow as technology continues to evolve and facilitate new, more decentralized business models. Now, seats2meet.com, a Dutch workspace network that connects users – called ‘knowmads’ – with each other and commercial spaces across cities in Europe, has developed some hard data on the value created by co-working spaces for the people and businesses who use them.”