S2m, Bangladesh is connected with VR world!


“VR is the future”, That’s the word I heard back in 2017 in online. I was just an underdog boy who was struggling for an identity and getting into a platform or network.  I looked into online and saw only tech companies and tech guys are having it and some are quite expensive as hell. I love to dream anyway. I always wanted to have a VR to play with the new world. I bought a cheap VR from the Chinese brand Xiaomi back in 2017 and it needed a phone to watch only 180 degree videos, nothing more than that.

Here is a photo of that VR named Xiaomi VR play 2. 

posing ith VR
*April 16, 2018.

I always wanted to experience real VR but here in Bangladesh it’s not that popular and you can’t experience it . So I always just have to watch youtube videos. 

But things changed when my buddy Jurjen de Vries traveled to Bangladesh last year. I experienced the VR that I know and I always wanted to experience it. He had an oculus quest 1 by facebook which works without any help from a computer. Jurjen showed VR to the villagers, teachers in a school and everyone he could get to put eyes inside it, loved his enthusiasm to share tech.

I was amazed to see the view and games and 360 videos looked real. Here is a photo of me experiencing VR in front of visitors of seats2meet and helping them to view it.

* 4 february 2020.

My heart broke when he got back home. I start to miss two of them, Jurjen of course and the VR too.

Time flies and Oculus quest 2 by facebook was released in October and Jurjen told me he is sending me a surprise, fortunately I read and follow Tech news and I know what product comes in the market and I knew it was an oculus. He sent it via DHL and it took 2 months to come and finally last week I unboxed the parcel and experimented with my tech buddies.
You can watch the video on my youtube channel.

The reaction from everyone was so amazing! This is most of their first VR experience and they watched 360 degree VR videos, played tennis, boxing and many more. I used my chromebook to cast the VR experience so that others can also see and enjoy when one is playing with it. That worked otherwise it would be boring to wait for the turn.

You can see how much everyone loved VR by their smile. I captured it as a candid shot.

I unboxed with the tech dudes in the town I live in which is 15 min away from my village where the seats2meet location actually is. It was my marriage ceremony so I had to close the location for 4 days. After setting up the device it was time for the real meetup in seats2meet Bangladesh location.

Sharp 4 pm, Some of my dudes came and they know what VR is from Jurjen’s last meetup. They didn’t know I had a VR on my backpack and when I took it out they had a wow moment and this time I didn’t need to teach them how to use or play with it. 

People can use VR in our pflab location and they can learn things by abundance. Learning how to farm, Biology, travel and what not. There are some free and demo apps that people can play with and my dudes find the tennis and boxing games so exciting. The tennis app is called Sports Scramble and the boxing game name is Creed- Rise to glory

Jurjen gave me an app as a gift where you can learn how to become a DJ. It’s like you are in another world and someone is teaching you by holding your hand. Our village people can also share and contribute with VR and in general  by doing open source farming, open source housing or design etc. We have already done open source farming by the way. 
In the festivals we use to make food together , bring food from home and eat together. It’s like a win and win situation for everyone in the social capital ecosystem. For more about pflab you can check this site of open source wiki pflab.

We had a lot of fun playing with the VR and I showed how I met Jurjen and Nick van Breda in the VR in the rec room and they loved it and kids were way happier than ever! 

VR is my dream gadget and I am sharing it with anyone who wishes to experience it and spending hours exploring and having fun and meeting new friends on oculus social.
Looking forward to meeting and seeing the world through VR and we all will be on one party! 

Thanks for reading and if you want to help the movement of seats2meet, Bangladesh where we are sharing technology with the remote village people who are living below poverty line and inspire kids, youth and all of them to learn tech.

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