S2M Bangladesh in Corona virus situation


Whole world is dealing with a disaster. Life is under threat of a virus. Same goes for Bangladesh. But S2m location in Bangladesh didn’t stop, instead we make it even better. Here’s what we are doing.

First of all, our location is in the nearest market and all of the shops are closed with the order of Bangladesh GOVT. We can’t open our office either. Me and my boys hate being lazy. So we started creating a “Learn computer” program and going from home to home to teach people. We were gathering in people’s yards and giving an introductory program in different villages with very different people. Kids, elders, women and even dogs were there. See the photo below. people in vi;

We visited 3 villages and taught people several different programs.

Official people humbly told me to stop travelling to people’s houses and teaching, apparently because the law says so. I understand that, so I stopped. Do you think the teaching stopped completely? Of course not!

I started from my uncle’s home with my dudes. For some it was close, for some it’s far. Anyways, almost everyone was there! Due to Ramadan month (Muslim fasting) some were absent. But yeah, enthusiastic people will always be there for you.
Below you can find some photos of our learning process.

They practice on the computer for hours. They are having fun.

Because I don’t have a house, I had to do this at my uncle’s place. He didn’t like the idea that much. Mainly because of gathering and compromising privacy. So we realised we have to get out of his house.

If you again think we stopped, sorry my friend, you are wrong. Now it’s time for forest camping. I love forest and nature just like all of you. So we moved into the forest and its free to use the huge space.

We do this every day. I want these guys to learn English. Keep working on their English skills. Hope someday they will start connecting with you.

By the way if you want to help our seats2meet,Bangladesh community you can contribute in the patreon page, $5 or whatever a month you want, will be a big help.
patreon page link— https://www.patreon.com/s2mBD

Now, end of all, I would like to thank my mentor Mr. Ronald Van Den Hoff for his help to the Seats2meet guys in Bangladesh who are dealing with extreme poverty due to lockdown situation. I was visiting everyone’s house regularly and I bought food for 19 families in total. And I keep monitoring them. My Seats2meet guys wrote a thank-you letter for him and gave it to me. I don’t have permission to read it. I will send it to Ronald Sir as soon as the post office opens. That’s so sweet from my S2m guys and I am little jealous because they never said even thank you to me. Maybe they love me beyond a thanks, who knows.

I have visited houses, gathered some news and the best one is that Sabbir now has his own computer desk in his house. I saved the money to gift a computer for the best guy in my S2m location. If you don’t know him yet, read this, it is worth reading: https://stories.seats2meet.com/story-of-a-super-kid-in-s2m-bangladesh

Thanks for reading. I wish everyone a good day and good health.