Research office concept – Seats2Meet


A curious research was undertaken on concept by Willemijn Aukema from MSc of Change Management at the University of Groningen. In her research, she examines Seats2Meet concept in comparison to other office spaces.

The foundation of her research is the observation that in our time people no longer value objects, but instead they value experiences. This is the notion which results in a completely different way of perceiving and doing business. Consequently, concepts that are inspired by this school of thought build their business models around the values of co-creation, which is one of the core values behind Seats2Meet.

In her research, Willemijn particularly wanted to compare value co-creation by members of Seats2Meet ecosystem comparing to other offices. Thanks to her research, we have some curious discoveries regarding how the concept of social capital works in life and how Seats2Meet customers interact with one another.

Comparing to regular offices/co-working spaces, Seats2Meet visitors are…

  • More open about sharing information about what they’re working on with people around them than people in regular offices.  
  • Much more open to interact with others around them, however spend less time working with others. This could be because people come to S2M for their own “work” but are very open to interact with others whenever necessary.
  • More likely to share their ideas with others
  • More likely to give a positive feedback and recommend the place to others
  • More likely to help others

Therefore, it can be concluded that Seats2Meet visitors are connected to each other without close work ties or working on the same project. This is an inspiring discovery for us, since conceitedness and collaboration are the key values of Seats2Meet.

The central role in promoting conceitedness and collaboration is Seats2Meet Passport. Its matching algorithm allows its users to connect with relevant people, events and articles, thus promoting a value creating encounters within the ecosystem.

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