20 Reasons why Central Perk would be a great S2M location


No, I didn’t misspell Central Park, I am referring to the iconic coffee shop where the characters from the sitcom Friends went to. Now here are the 20 reasons why it would be a great S2M location!

  1. Awesome people go there to meet


2. It has great coffee – at least that is what the show makes us think.

3. And food as well!

4. It gives the stage to the people – in that case, Phoebe.

5. People can stay as long as they want

6. A place with a lot of business opportunities

7. A lot of serendipity happening

8. It’s a very friendly place

9. Everyone is welcome

10. It is a very ~friendly~ place

11. There is a lot of support going on

12. You always find help

13. There is always something new

14. It is a space with a lot of knowledge

15. You can be yourself

16. But do expect some constructive criticism as well. It’s only for your growth!

17. They have nice furniture

18. It’s a place to have the most brilliant ideas

19. It’s a place for innovation

20. It’s awesome!