Rearranging Seats2meet,Bangladesh.


Covid-19 was a curse to all of us. It took me a year to establish a cool little location and convince people and then got some visitors in s2m,Bangladesh. And after 4 month of breaks and sudden small meetups it seems like I have to start from the very beginning. People here are rebooting themselves so is me.

Okay so after a lot of restrictions and so on we have permission to open our location and do meetups and we are ensuring our health care.
2 meetups in a week. Talking about tech, English and PFLab get together. Simple and clean. The meetup we had in our Pflab program we talked about OS (operating system). Here people only think windows in the way to go. Even 2 years before I thought like this. Our s2m dudes already know the basics of computers and a little tech, so it was perfect for them to learn about OS. I made a full presentation made in google slides and Jurjen DE Vries helped me a little bit changing and modifying. Here is the link to the slide if you want to have a look, do let me know if I need to change anything. 

Here are some photos of slides— 

I explained the basic idea of Operating system, not only computer operating system but also mobile, watch OS and IOT. Discussed market share of OS in a pie chart, however that was a little backdated version  of my slides. We also discussed the history of OS, features of OS , how OS gets connected with hardware. The presentation also shows how Karnel can create communications between hardware and software. Showed it by picture to give a better visualization.
It’s good  to show the types of operating systems so that everyone don’t get confused and mix with each other. We end up talking about advantages and disadvantages of OS.

Talking about OS is important because my dudes already know enough basic software and hardware stuff, it was good to know about how things work internally. 

My opinion on different OS is, I love OS with an open source ecosystem like linux. Everything is free and speedy. Windows is popular and convenient but laggy and expensive. Big NO NO for me. I myself personally use chrome OS. It’s cheap, super fast and out and out google security. Security is something I want from any OS. I wish I could review MACOS someday.

Here is a photos of my 3 friend from the meetup–

The best part is one of my s2m visitors is explaining OS to others after the presentation. We always keep a session for group discussion. 

By the way, if you want to help our seats2meet,Bangladesh community you can contribute in the patreon page, $5 or whatever per month you want, will be a big help.
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Thanks for reading, S2m,Bangladesh was never fully closed. Trying my level best to keep everything alive.
I wish everyone good health and will keep posting meetup updates.